Monday, 2 August 2021


Although wooden floors in the kitchen look beautiful, we all know water and wood do not mix well. Your kitchen wood floors aren't just damaged by water. Below is a list of easy steps to keep your kitchen floor looking great for many more years.


Protect your floors with rugs. Two places in your kitchen you should have rugs are near the outside/entrance doors as well as in front of any drippy areas. The dirt and grime from the outside will ruin your floors' shine in no time. You can let the rug do the hard work. Just shake it once or twice per week, depending on how much traffic it receives. Wash it often. The second covers any area where water is used or food is prepared. Think of your refrigerator, sink, dishwasher and washer. For spills and crumbs, it's a good idea for your kitchen to have a larger rug underneath.


This is a smart way to protect the floor from kitchen chairs. Just think about how often you move your chairs every day. It's easy to see how much wear you put on the same area. Get a set of sticky-back felt balls from the store and place them on each chair leg. While they may occasionally fall off, they should be replaced every three to six months due to dirt accumulation and abrasive wear. But don't worry, they offer protection far more than the dirt that they collect.


This is probably the best way to keep your kitchen floor looking amazing. You don’t have to sweep your entire floor each day. Do not sweep the entire floor. Instead, focus on those areas where crumbs and dirt tend to accumulate.

Be careful when moving heavy objects

Although you may not need to move your refrigerator or stove often, it is important that you take extreme care. Your wood floor can be severely damaged by heavy items. You can move heavy items by placing thin plywood on the floor. Instead of sliding the appliance across the wood floor, slide it onto the plywood. Instead of lifting heavy objects, lift them when physically possible.


Wood floors are not good for moisture. Wipe up any wet spills as soon as possible. Leave very little moisture behind. Do not use a steamer on wood floors. Be sure to check under the sink, around the refrigerator and around the dishwasher for signs of water damage so you can stop it from getting worse.

These are the best tips to keep your wood floors looking great for many years. If your floors could use a pick-me-up, give Chelsea Floor Sanding a call. Bona recoat is a system that will give your floors a new look without the expense and hassle of refinishing. We are also skilled in installing and refinishing hardwood floors. Give us a call at 0203369 4835 Request a free consultation at your location or via the internet.